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Do you need Waking Watch?

Following the emergence of fire safety issues highlighted in the wake of the tragic events in 2017, Waking Watch has become a necessary and reassuring response to these ongoing concerns, not only with high-rise tower blocks, but any multi-occupancy building.

Waking Watch is a requirement when fire safety issues have been identified, such as the presence of dangerous cladding or faulty fire alarm systems, which alters the evacuation policy of a building from ‘stay put’ to simultaneous evacuation. This then requires fire marshals to patrol the building 24 hours a day looking for signs of fire or smoke.

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What type of buildings can be at risk?

Any type of multi-occupancy buildings, both residential and commercial, can have long-standing fire safety concerns. Common issues with unsafe exterior cladding, faulty fire alarms systems, unmaintained fire doors, and inadequate fire stopping measures between apartments, are all things to consider.


How does Waking Watch work?

Waking watch is a fire safety system where appropriately trained staff continually patrol the exterior perimeter and all interior floors of a building to ensure the safety of its occupants from fire.

In the event of a fire, our team will alert the emergency services, then ensure everyone in the building is fully aware of the emergency and able to evacuate safely.a

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Waking Watch

Waking Watch is the constant presence of Fire Marshalls to provide fire detection services in buildings where safety issues may be a concern, such as unsafe exterior cladding and faulty fire alarm systems.

Our highly trained fire marshals continually patrol the exterior and interior of your building, checking for smoke, heat, and other signs of fire, and in the event of an emergency will raise the alarm, help evacuate residents, especially the vulnerable, and act as liaison for the Fire Services.

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Working alongside multi occupancy building owners, managers and landlords, we implement a fire safety strategy in commercial and residential properties where safety issues may be a concern, delivering a 24-hour surveillance/monitoring service that will help give owners and residents peace of mind.

Patrols are conducted at regular intervals day and night, with real-time reports being generated utilising the latest near-field communication (NFC) tag technology, ensuring all identified hazard points are checked, and providing the highest levels of risk mitigation.

Control Room

Our fire marshals are backed-up by a 24 hour 7 days-a-week control room and network of teams that can deployed as necessary.

Complete Service

+ Assessment/Survey

+ Fire Patrol/Identification

+ Resident Alert

+ Evacuation Management

+ Fire Service Liaison 

If you require a waking watch for a high-rise residential building, commercial unit, or a vacant property, we operate throughout the UK. We work with you to assess your building to determine the appropriate number of fire marshals required to safeguard your residents and mitigate your property’s fire safety issues.

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Why choose our Waking Watch?


We hold memberships with Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), Fire Industry Association (FIA), Fire Protection Association (FPA), The Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE), and CHAS, receiving updates and insights into fire legislation changes which helps us to protect people, property, and business.

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Ensure peace of mind for your residents by engaging our Waking Watch service today…

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