Automated Door Entry & Access Control

Powered auto closer installation by engineer

Automatic Doors

There are many different styles of automatic swing doors, single-leaf, double-leaf, fully automatic, or low energy. We can install from new, but also, most existing doors can be modified to become automatic swing doors.

Adapting a swing door for automation may appear simple, a matter of ensuring that the doors open and close at the right time? Unfortunately, not. There are many factors to consider when designing and installing automatic swing doors, such as weight, width, and the speed and force with which the doors open and close.

This is why trained professionals should be consulted when considering automatic swing doors for your premises, minimising the risk of installing an unsafe and unreliable system.

Why choose us?

Fire Prevention Plus is part of the Plus Group, which also has under its umbrella ‘Doors Plus’ and ‘Fire Doors Plus’, and as such have a broad and in-depth knowledge and expertise in all things door related, especially when it comes to safety. As an independent company, we are free to select the highest quality products from the leading manufacturers of automatic door closers and associated components, and have amassed wide-ranging product knowledge and developed a deep understanding of the entire market. This enables us to approach every project individually, choosing only the products and accessories that will be right for your specific requirements.