Level 4 Diploma Awarded…

David Burton with Diploma Certification
Chris Stangroom with Diploma Certificate


David Burton, Daryl Lewis, Chris Stangroom have recently been awarded their Level 4 Diploma in Fire Risk Assessment qualification!

This is an amazing achievement and will enable the Plus Group to continue to improve on our outstanding service, especially within the area of Fire Safety, which ultimately gives our clients peace of mind.

Delivered by the Fire Protection Association (FPA), the course provides more advanced principles and concepts for carrying out fire risk assessments in all buildings as defined by the UK Government’s Regulatory documents and British Standards.

The qualification covers a number of topics and modules including –

  • The legal framework
  • Fire growth and hazard identification
  • Fire Safety in the protection of people at risk
  • Understanding the dynamics of fire and smoke
  • Consideration of building designation and risk profiling
  • + Study of the advance principals and rules set out in BS9999 and BS9991
  • + Undertaking and reporting on Fire Risk Assessments for all buildings

Congratulations to David, Daryl and Chris!