Level 2 NVQ Awarded to Harrison Barratt

Harrison Barratt awarded NVQ certificate


Harrison Barratt 🏅


Harrison, one of our Lead Installers of the Fire Prevention Plus team, has successfully completed his Level 2 NVQ Passive Fire Protection qualification. This NVQ is for those who are experienced at firestopping and PFP works, with more focussed training relating to –
+ Firestopping and penetration seals
+ Flexible cavity barriers
+ Fire resisting walls and wall linings
+ Fire resisting ceilings

Working with our NVQ training providers, Now Get Qualified (NGQ), Harrison has demonstrated practical skills in the relevant areas of passive fire protection systems, proven the ability to carry out work safely and to an excellent standard, and shown understanding and awareness of a good level of work-related knowledge and competence.

Congratulations Harrison on a successful Level 2 NVQ!