Fire Prevention Plus are experts in Fire Risk Assessments, specification and installation of specialists Fire Protection Solutions.

Fire Protection should be built into the fabric of every building in various forms with the sole aim of protecting the structure, visitors and occupants to ensure preservation of life. It is a legal requirement for all forms of organisations, businesses and landlords to comply with current regulations such as the RRO and Building Control Guidance. These regulations can be reinforced in a court of law should a fire related event occur on or around your premises.

Fire Prevention Plus van parked at university campus
Engineering fire stopping installation at university campus


Our mission at Fire Prevention Plus is to assist Landlords, owners and custodians of properties to ensure the safety of occupants and visitors and to protect property and life.

We do this through effective management of Passive Fire Protection which is one of the most important aspects of fire safety both in the home, and in commercial or public buildings.

Passive Fire Protection is a term that is used to refer to a wide variety of products and processes. Our website introduces the core concepts and product types available through Fire Prevention Plus.

Fire Prevention Plus are qualified and experienced in all aspects of fire safety, and we are able to carry out Fire Risk Assessments for your property or business. We are also able to fulfil any Fire Prevention Works that may be required as a result of any Fire Risk Assessment undertaken.

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