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Fire Doors

What fire doors do

Fire doors save lives and property
They are part of a building’s passive fire protection system and are fundamental to most fire strategies for buildings
They provide critical protection within a building such as escape routes (stairs and corridors) and places of relative safety, and in separating different fire hazards in a building

What’s important about fire doors?

To save lives, fire doors must work correctly
They must be tested and third-party certificated to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634 Part 1
They must be fitted with the correct and compatible components suited to the door set and its purpose
Like any fire safety device, they should be installed and maintained by competent people that are third party accredited.
A fire door’s performance should never be compromised
Correct glazing and ironmongery must be used
No altering or adapting the door set on site
Always use the correct frames
Always use intumescent seals
Ensure good installation and maintenance
Never prop open a fire door

Fire Prevention Plus were professional, efficient and reliable. With their tracker it was easy to follow the progress of the project.

Fire Door Replacement


Fire Prevention Plus is working on projects to replace original fire doors in blocks of flats with new compliant Contemporary Door Sets which offer the complete solution in residential entrance doors for flats and all other types of residential properties.
As well as offering high security, fire and safety benefits, these fully tested and certified range of doors, side panels and top-lights, can be manufactured to accommodate most configurations within any building.

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