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Fire Doors for Hospitals

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Health sector buildings have particular fire safety challenges, predominately in safeguarding patients with a wide range of dependencies (e.g. mental disability, physical impairment, mechanical/electrical life support) in the event of fire. In addition to this, the size and complexity of a modern day hospital or care centre will often mean that complete evacuation of the building is neither practical nor appropriate.
It is for this reason that the most common approach adopted in health care buildings is progressive horizontal evacuation. The basic principle of progressive horizontal evacuation is to move occupants from the fire affected area through a fire resisting barrier to an adjoining area, which is designed to protect the occupants from the immediate dangers of fire and smoke.
The occupants then remain in the fire safe area (refuge) until the fire is extinguished or, if necessary, further evacuation is required to another refuge or down the nearest stairway.

A fire doorset specified for use in a hospital will have to provide fire resistance and smoke control.
There are many performance and design requirements for hospital fire doors to be considered. Cross-corridor doorsets will need to withstand constant opening and closing, as well as resisting potential damage caused by regular impact from hospital trolleys and wheelchairs. Doorsets into cleanrooms must be totally hygienic to avoid harbouring harmful pathogens, while doors on high-security wards must safeguard patients and staff.
Fire doors that provide the required level of compartmentation and meet the additional requirements of a modern hospital are therefore integral to safety in the public health sector.

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