Automated Door Systems

Why Should Fire Doors be Automated?

Ensuring that fire doors are closed in the event of a fire is the difference between life or death.
However, Hospitals, education establishments, carehomes, residential buildings and offices all require fire doors to be open held back and swinging free during normal routine days.
We have many solutions that can meet your requirements and ensure fire doors are closed when they need to be:

Magnetic Door Retainers
Hydraulic Closers
Swing Free Automatic Door Holder Closers
Fire Alarm Interfaces
Door Closing Switches
Automatic Timers
And more…

Fire Prevention Plus can provide both the electronic and carpentry works for fire door control installation and maintenance. From Fire Alarm Interfaces, power supplies and connections to push bars, ironmongery and hydraulic door closers – we provide it all to the highest standards.

Fire Prevention Plus understands the criteria and safety implications of HMO environments.